[Hate][Civil Rights][Lgbtq][Aids]praise God for AIDS.

Marietta, Georgia: Crusade Against Corruption, [circa 1986-1987]. Item #1045

4” x 7”. Handbill on thin card stock printed both sides. Good: three vertical creases, a few faint stains, penciled note on verso. J. B. Stoner was an attorney who represented James Earl Ray, a suspect in the King assassination and ran the National States Rights party, the political arm of the Ku Klux Klan. His run for the United States Senate in 1972 included television advertisements that used the word “nigger”. They were allowed on the air due to the FCC ruling in favor of Stoner's rights under its now-abandoned Fairness Doctrine. This handbill was created not long after Stoner's release from prison for the 1958 Bethel Baptist Church bombing. Outhistory.org states that Stoner passed out the handbill in 1987 when he “led a mob confronting civil rights marchers in Forsyth County, Georgia. ” We acquired this from the original owner who wrote “Forsyth County, /GA/1986” in pencil on its verso but is referring to a civil rights march that occurred in Forsyth County on January 24, 1987. The week before, Hosea Williams led a small group to Forsyth County for a brotherhood march, hoping to ease the county's segregationist stance. According to the 1980 census there was just one African American in Forsyth, a result of racial tensions that began in 1912 and led to black flight. Things turned ugly quickly, as Williams' group of approximately 90 people was attacked by around 400 segregationists. The melee received national attention, and Williams returned on the 24th with over 10,000 marchers. This item's original owner was teaching in Georgia at the time, and sent two students to cover the second march. One of them was given this handbill. Recipients of the card were encouraged to mail the handbill to Stoner with their contact information to join in his “CRUSADE AGAINST CORRUPTION” that sought “complete racial separation” and “America First” foreign and trade policies. This item is a bit more overt in its contempt for homosexuality than the item that follows and fears no pandemic claiming that “Whites are mostly immune from Aids so long as they stay away from . . . Jews, negroids and queers. ”None in OCLC.

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