About Us

You may notice that despite the name of our business, you won't find a lot of books here.  While we do sell some printed matter, we specialize in selling original source materials that tell compelling American stories. 

Our principal abandoned a reasonably successful law career to do this full time  because life is too short not jump out of bed excited to start a work day. Our slogan, “The Extraordinary History of the Every Day”, matches our approach to the trade: we seek to preserve the exceptional stories of everyday people. Most of these folks probably had no idea that their actions were anything other than ordinary. As you look through our website and catalogs you'll find a wealth of compelling narratives. Also note that we don't limit ourselves to those lost to history as our work has enhanced many a wiki page.

Considering our present inventory, you might also think we only buy and sell material related to underrepresented social groups and social movements. That's because of the response we receive from customers for this type of material and we would do nearly anything to avoid practicing law again. Truth be told, we get excited about preserving all sorts of interesting stories so the more you would educate us about your collecting interests, wants and what gets you excited, the more likely we'd recognize this material as something we should bring to market.

So please feel free to reach out and tell us what you collect.  Also, if you have items that you think may be of interest to us, please do not hesitate to write or call.